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Induction Wok

A wok is a semicircular, hollow pan that is mainly used in oriental cuisine. It is a deeper and thinner version of a skillet that is mainly used for stir-frying. Preparing your fresh vegetables and meat in a wok has never been faster if you have an induction hob in your kitchen. By cooking with induction, your wok meal will be ready faster and the sooner you are ready, the more vitamins are retained in the dish. Induction wok pans are heated extra quickly via electromagnetic radiation. This way the pan heats up quickly, you don't have to cook for as long, there is little heat loss, and your cooking efforts are also energy efficient! Below you will find all wok pans that can be used on an induction hob.

Wok For Induction Hob

If you have an induction hob at home and also love to stir-fry or cook traditionally oriental dishes, then this is the pan collection for you. All of the woks on the page above are specifically suitable for use on induction hobs. This means that you can still enjoy all your favourite wok dishes. Woks are very versatile pans that can be used to cook a wide range of dishes. For all our top quality woks for induction hobs, take a look at the selection on the page above.