Best Induction Pan

Best pan for an induction hob

Is your pan suitable for induction hobs?

An induction cooker uses electromagnetic radiation to heat the pan. However, not every pan on the market is suitable for this. The bottom of an induction pan must be completely flat and magnetic if it is to be suitable for cooking on an induction hob. Not sure if your pan is suitable for an induction hob? Then you can test this in two ways.

Magnet test
You can easily test whether your pan bottom is magnetic by simply placing a magnet on the bottom of your pan. Does it stick? Then your pan has a magnetic base.

Test on a flat surface
As described above, the bottom of your pan should also be completely flat. You can easily test this yourself by placing the pan upside down and placing a ruler or spirit level on it. Do this on both the inside and outside of the bottom for optimal results.

Does your pan pass both tests? Then it is almost certainly suitable for cooking on induction hobs and you can get started with peace of mind. Does your pan fail one or both of these tests? Then you will need to look for a different pan for your induction hob. Read on below!

Induction pan material

The material of an induction pan is very important for the cooking properties of the pan. For example, not all materials are equally suitable for induction. As you can already read above, it is important that the material of an induction pan is magnetic. To give you an idea of which materials are great for an induction pan, you will find the most important properties of the most commonly used materials for induction pans below.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is one of the most commonly used materials for pans. This is because stainless steel is relatively cheap, requires little maintenance, and can withstand acids. Stainless steel pans are often made up of different layers with heat-conducting substances. With a stainless steel induction pan, it is therefore very important that you choose a thick bottom to ensure optimal heat conduction. Because stainless steel does not react with water, you don't have to worry about rust, so these pans can easily be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Cast iron

Cast iron pans are very suitable for cooking on an induction hob. Cast iron contains a large amount of ferromagnetic material and this ensures that a cast iron pan can heat up quickly on an induction plate. As a result, cast iron has by far a much higher efficiency than most other materials. Cast iron is also a very sturdy and very durable material. Cast iron induction pans are strong and durable and, if you are a little careful with them, a cast iron induction pan can last for decades. Definitely worth the investment!


Opinions on the use of aluminium pans for induction are quite divided. In principle, aluminium pans are not suitable for an induction cooker, because, quite simply, they are not magnetic. However, it is possible to cook on an induction hob with aluminium pans. To make aluminium pans suitable for induction cooking, an element of iron, cast iron, or steel is needed in the bottom of the pan. Nowadays, this is taken into account in almost all aluminium induction pans, so you can easily cook using an aluminium induction pan.

The best induction pan

How do I choose the best induction pan?

As you can read above, when choosing an induction pan, it is important to pay attention to the type of material and the magnetic effect. In addition, an induction pan must have a flat bottom that makes complete contact with the induction hob. The thicker the base, the better it will conduct heat to the rest of the pan. An induction pan with a thick sandwich bottom is therefore recommended. Curious about which pans we can offer you? Take a look at the types of induction pans below, or take a look at our entire collection.

Induction pan types

Induction Frying Pan

Are you looking for the best frying pan for induction? Then choose a model with an extra thick (sandwich) bottom. A thick base ensures that the heat is well conducted and preserved, and at the same time evenly distributed across the pan. In this way, you ensure that the bottom of your pan is evenly heated, which means that you can fry your meat, fish, and vegetables perfectly.

Induction casserole

Are you looking for the best casserole pan for induction? At Cookwarestore you will find induction casserole pans made of cast iron, stainless steel, and aluminium. Casseroles made of cast iron and stainless steel are particularly suitable for induction, thanks to their sturdy and solid quality. In addition, casseroles ensure a quick temperature increase and even heat distribution.

Induction grill pan

Are you looking for the best grill pan for induction? A grill pan should certainly not be missing from your kitchen cupboards. Here at Cookwarestore, you can choose from grill pans made of cast iron or aluminium. Note: grill pans for induction can become very hot. Therefore, you should choose a model with cold handles and a non-stick coating. This way you prevent burnt hands and food.

Induction wok

Are you looking for the best wok pan for induction? It is often thought that wok cooking on an induction cooker is not possible. Although it is a different experience than using a gas stove, you can still wok just as well via induction. Make sure you choose a wok with a flat base, as this is essential for induction cooking. The flat base heats up the pan quickly and ensures little heat loss.

Induction saucepan

Are you looking for the best saucepan for induction? Saucepans are a versatile pan to have, so you should definitely have one or two in your kitchen. Saucepans for induction hobs are available in different materials, but we recommend choosing a light material such as stainless steel. Stainless steel provides a fast, equal heat distribution and is also easy to lift due to its lightness.

Induction pot

Are you looking for the best cooking pot for your induction hob? We offer a wide range of cooking pots, stock pots, and soup pans that are ideal for use on induction hobs. Pots for induction hobs are traditionally made of stainless steel, to ensure a lighter weight, but are also available in aluminium variants. A cooking pot with a flat base will ensure optimum results on an induction hob.

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