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What kind of pan do you need?

Cooking pot

Cooking pots are available in many sizes and can almost always be recognised by the tall rim. Cooking pots are also often provided with a (glass) lid. This last part ensures that you can achieve a more effective cooking result by retaining moisture and warmth in the pot. Most pots are made of stainless steel or aluminium. A cooking pot is ideal for boiling vegetables, pasta, or rice and cooking larger quantities, for example.

Frying pan

One of the most common types of pans is the frying pan. This pan can be recognised by its characteristic long handle and low rim. A frying pan is very useful for frying meat, fish, and vegetables in a short time. In addition, you can also fry a delicious egg or pancake with a frying pan. The widely loved frying pan will therefore easily be one of your most-used pans that can be used to whip up breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


You can prepare the finest and tastiest dishes in a casserole pan. This relatively heavy pan can be recognised by its wide dimensions, thicker bottom, and sturdy lid. For roasting meat, vegetables or, for example, stews, it is best to choose a casserole made of cast iron or stainless steel, for example, which retains heat and moisture very well. This process results in a very juicy, tasty dish and a sustainable way of cooking.


For stir-frying meat, fish, and vegetables at a high temperature, it is best to choose a wok. In terms of dimensions, this type of pan will be quite a bit larger than the other pans in your pan set and can also be recognised by the tall, rounded edge and the long handle. Woks are best known for enabling you to cook traditionally Eastern cuisine, like a stir fry, for example, but they can also be used for many other dishes or for cooking in larger quantities.

Pressure cooker

A pressure cooker guarantees a fast and effective way of cooking. Pressure cookers are heated up to 100 °C, which means that dishes are ready faster. A pressure cooker is therefore an ideal option for those with a busier lifestyle and who have much less time to cook. The added benefit of a pressure cooker is that, because vegetables are cooked more quickly, they retain more nutrients, ensuring a tasty, healthy dish that you can prepare in an instant.

Grill pan

If you're looking for a great pan to grill or fry a delicious piece of meat, fish, or even vegetables, then what you need is a high quality grill pan. A grill pan, usually made of cast iron or aluminium, can be heated to a high temperature in a short time, just like a pressure cooker. This allows you to grill your meat, fish, or other ingredients in a short amount of time with the addition of just a little bit of butter or oil. Ideal for grilled meat lovers!

What kind of hob do you have?


Induction hobs are heated by means of electromagnetic radiation, so that you only heat the pan(s) and not the entire hob. The advantages of induction include rapid heating, low heat loss, sustainable cooking, and simple control. Not all pans are suitable for induction, however, as these hobs use a magnetic field. Do you have doubts about the suitability of your pans for an induction hob? Test this by moving a magnet over the bottom of your pan, or have a look at our brilliant selection of pans for induction hobs here at Cookwarestore.


Gas is one of the most common heat sources when it comes to kitchen hobs. With a gas hob, the pan is heated directly by an open flame, the ends of which are the warmest. Gas cooking is relatively simple and can be controlled accurately. In addition, a gas hob reacts quickly, which means that your pan will quickly heat up or cool down. Note: when cooking with gas, it is possible that the pan will get sharp edges or a convex bottom. As a result, the pan may no longer used / be less effective on other heat sources.


If the hob is heated by electricity, then it is an electric hob. An advantage of an electric hob is the fact that almost all pans are suitable for this heat source and that it is relatively cheap to purchase. One of the disadvantages of electric cooking, however, is the fact that this heat source reacts relatively slowly. This means that the temperature of your pan does not change quickly and remains warm for a long time after use. View the full range of pans that are suitable for electric hobs by clicking on the button below.


Ceramic and halogen hobs can be compared to their electric counterpart, but the main difference is that a ceramic hob is fitted with glass. A ceramic hob is heated by means of infrared radiation or an incandescent spiral, whereas a halogen hob is heated, as the name implies, by a halogen lamp. Ceramic or halogen hobs have the advantage that they are easy to clean, as they are flat surfaces. To view the full range of pots and pans available here at Cookwarestore that are suitable for ceramic hobs, click the button below.

What kind of cooking will you be doing with your pans?


Roasting requires some patience, but results in the tastiest, most succulent dishes. You can roast all kinds of meat and fish of course, but you can also create many vegetable dishes. Roasted dishes are first cooked at a high temperature, after which the stewing process follows. When you roast a joint of meat, for example, juices and flavours penetrate the meat, ensuring a delicious result.

- Casserole (large dishes)
- Sauté pan (small dishes)


If you cook and brown meat or fish, or if you prepare vegetables using oil or butter, this is called frying. Frying food in this way is one of the most common types of cooking and there are many pans that are suitable for this cooking method. When choosing the ideal pan for frying, you should consider what kind of ingredients you will be frying and make your choice based on this.

- Frying pan
- Sauté pan
- Casserole
- Fish pan
- Saucepan


Another very common type of cooking is boiling your food. Boiling means that you cook your food in water that is at a temperature of 100 °C. This is commonly done with pasta, rice, vegetables, and many other ingredients. Many pans can be used for boiling and the pan you choose will predominantly depend on the quantity of ingredients that you will be looking to boil.

- Cooking pot
- Stock pot
- Pressure cooker
- Saucepan
- Sauté pan


Different from boiling, but also a very popular method of cooking, is steaming. When you steam ingredients, this means that you cook them over boiling water, instead of in the water. This means that steam rises from the boiling water and cooks your food. Steaming is often used for vegetables, but can also be used to cook a delicious filet of fish, or for cooking rice dishes.

- Steamer
- Sauté pan (small dishes)

Which brand are you looking for?

The Le Creuset brand was founded in 1925 and is known for its excellent pots and pans of unrivalled quality. Le Creuset is known for the use of enamelled cast iron, which makes for delicious dishes.

The German quality of Fissler pans guarantees top performance in the kitchen. This brand has accumulated decades of experience and brings pleasure and passion back to your kitchen.

BK is a Dutch brand that has been active in the cooking world for over 150 years. These years of experience have ensured that BK is currently a market leader in the Netherlands in the field of pots and pans.

WMF is known for its innovative, tasteful pots and pans that guarantee high quality and lots of cooking enjoyment. Since the brand's formation in 1853, WMF has been providing a unique, quality cooking experience.

Scanpan is a brand of Scandinavian origin and that delivers top quality pots and pans around the world. Scanpan pans are made with innovation at the forefront of every design, which is clear to see in every beautiful product.

For pans with a modern design and high quality, you can rely on the quality Dutch brand Habonne. This quality brand mainly uses stainless steel, and has a motto that means 'to cook and enjoy', which, with Habonne pans, you certainly will!

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