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Durable quality, a sense of detail, beautiful design and special user properties make a Habonne pan an indispensable product in every kitchen. This combination of properties allows you to enjoy your Habonne product for years to come. Habonne is a Dutch cookware brand with the motto 'koken en genieten', which means cook and enjoy. This is certainly possible with the beautiful collection of pots and pans from Habonne! You can find our extensive range of Habonne products on the page below, so browse the collection to find the perfect pans for you.

Habonne Pan

'Cook and enjoy', that is what Habonne's motto is and what the brand stands for. Habonne is a brand that produces high quality pots and pans in all sizes, ensuring that there is always the perfect pan for every dish. In addition, Habonne pans are characterised by a beautiful design in combination with durable materials. Habonne has pans for every recipe, such as woks, frying pans, steam pans, soup pans, frying pans and more. With Habonne pans, you can cook and enjoy for years.