Chopping Board Butler Beech (28 x 21 x 1.9 cm)

Chopping Board Butler Beech (28 x 21 x 1.9 cm)


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  • EAN: 8717853280016
  • Chopping Board
  • Brand: Butler
  • Colour: Wood
  • Material: Wood
  • Dimensions: 28 x 21 x 2 cm
  • Dishwasher Safe: No


Chopping Board Butler Beech (28 x 21 x 1.9 cm) + Maintenance Oil Butler
Chopping Board Butler Beech (28 x 21 x 1.9 cm)
Maintenance Oil Butler
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Because this Butler chopping board is made of beech wood, this board will look great in almost any kitchen. The beech wood provides a beautiful and natural look so that the board fits in both a modern and classic kitchen. In addition, the chopping board is very pleasant to use. You can easily chop your ingredients and you get clear tips on the label of the cutting board so that you can ensure proper maintenance and optimum use. The chopping board is not suitable for preparing raw meat, chicken, or fish. This chopping board is available in different sizes.

Beech Chopping Board Maintenance
Butler beech chopping boards are made of the best quality beech wood, a beautiful but natural material. This material needs proper care and maintenance to enable you to enjoy your chopping board for years to come. Because wood 'works', this means that it can expand or shrink due to moisture and temperature. By properly maintaining your cutting board, you can prevent it from developing cracks in the board or that it warps due to natural action.

Before use
Rub your beech wood board well on all sides with a maintenance oil. Allow the wood to properly absorb the oil for several hours. Repeat this several times until the wood no longer absorbs oil, at which time the wood is saturated. This means that the wood 'closes', which helps to prevent moisture getting in.
It is important to repeat this process as part of regular maintenance. As soon as your chopping board feels chapped or dried out, you need to provide the board with a new layer of oil.

After using the chopping board, you should clean it thoroughly with a damp cloth or washing-up brush, or possibly briefly with some warm water and a sponge. (never hold under the tap for a long time). It is important to dry the board thoroughly afterwards.

Thorough cleaning
You should thoroughly clean the chopping board once in a while. For this you can use a lemon, salt, and a clean damp dishcloth:
1. Squeeze the lemon over the cutting board.
2. Sprinkle a tablespoon of salt on top and rub it in with the clean damp dishcloth.
3. Let it soak in for half an hour.
4. Rinse the chopping board with warm water and let it dry gently and well.
This thorough cleaning removes oil from your cutting board, making the wood drier and leaner. Therefore, after cleaning, re-oil your cutting board once or several times with maintenance oil, until the wood no longer absorbs oil and is therefore fully saturated again.

Torn or warped
Is your plank cracked or warped? This is often because the wood is no longer saturated with oil. You can restore this well by ensuring that the board is dry and lubricate it several times with oil until it is saturated again. Afterwards, lay the board flat for a day (but not in the sun or near a heat source). You will see the cracks close again and the plank will straighten.


Butler has a beautiful collection of wooden chopping boards and chopping blocks. These products are made using bamboo, walnut, and beech wood, which are all beautiful and durable types of wood that will not look out of place in any kitchen. The sturdy chopping boards from Butler therefore fit into both classic and modern kitchens. In addition to cutting boards, Butler also makes thick chopping blocks for professional kitchens.

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