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WMF is a top quality cookware brand from Germany. The company has grown into a leader in the kitchenware and cookware market, with their speciality being high quality pots and pans. Each pot, frying pan, saucepan is made according to very high standards of quality. As well as pots and pans, WMF has also produced top-notch products designed for other areas of cooking, so you will also find a great selection of WMF utensils, cutlery, and tableware in this collection. Vital to WMF's production process is the use of smart and stylish designs, ensuring that each WMF product makes food prep and cooking that much easier.


WMF was founded in Germany 1853 and has developed into a famous cookware brand worldwide. Their knowledge and expertise has been built up over the decades of innovation and improvement, resulting in a immaculate cookware and kitchenware collection. WMF products ensure that you can cook professional quality meals in the comfort of your own home.