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all DDDDD products

"De Doek Die Direct Droogt" (DDDDD), or, 'The towel that dries instantly' is a Dutch brand that introduced their first kitchen textile product more than 60 years ago. DDDDD has now become a household name in Dutch kitchens, as well as around Europe. Cookwarestore has a wide range of DDDDD products, all with beautiful, fun prints that can vary from a checkered pattern to a print with cows. Because of this variation, you have a wide choice so that you can always find the right kitchen textiles for your kitchen.


To take full advantage of the high quality of this brand, we can give you two tips. Before you start using your cloths, it is best to leave them in a bucket of cold water overnight. Add a generous dash of (natural) vinegar. Wash it all the day after. This helps to really preserve the colour and the cotton fibers are fully open for better drying capacity. You are also advised not to iron the cloths. Hang your cloths after washing so that they dry naturally. The ironing process closes the cotton fibers, and thus lessens their drying capacity.