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Enjoying a delicious glass of wine without having to drink the entire bottle is what Greg Lambrecht wanted to enable. Greg Lambrecht is a huge wine lover with a passion for innovative technology. He brought these two interests together in the Coravin company.

With Coravin, Greg Lambrecht wanted to change the way wine is served, sold, and drunk. Because he would like to be able to drink a glass of wine without having to risk spoiling the rest of the bottle, he designed an innovative wine system that allows you to pour a glass of wine without removing the cork.

Coravin is a small company, full of other wine lovers who share the same passion as founder Greg Lambrecht. Coravin now sells the wine systems and sells them to wine lovers, restaurants, and wine shops. The wine system is ideal for wineries and wine dealers, because it allows you to taste wines before even opening the bottle.

Coravin continues to combine a love of wine with innovative technology by continuing to develop this wine system. For example, they have already started using an app for the wine system. Read more about Coravin's innovative wine system below.

The Coravin Wine System

The Coravin System

The Coravin wine system ensures that you can pour a glass of wine without having to uncork the bottle. This system makes it possible to taste and discover different wines, without having to drink a whole bottle. Pouring wine with this wine system is done by means of a needle and a capsule with gas. You simply place the wine system on the bottle. The system contains a capsule with gas and a thin hollow needle, which you can insert through the cork. If you tilt the bottle and press the handle, Argon gas is added. This ensures that the wine is poured through the needle. When you put the wine bottle upright again, you can pull the needle out again. Sometimes it is possible that some wine comes through the cork, but it dries quickly and the cork remains tightly closed. You can then enjoy a delicious glass of wine.

Coravin Wine System Instructions

Pouring the wine

A Coravin wine system is an innovative system that you may need to get used to. If you are interested in a Coravin wine system or if you already have one, but would like an additional explanation of how to use the system, please find a video from Coravin below. This video provides an explanation for how to use the system and see how it works exactly. Then you can be sure that you are using the wine system optimally and you can enjoy an excellent bottle of wine for as long as you like. Take a quick look at this handy explanation.

Cleaning the Coravin system

The wine system is not only an easy system to pour your wine, it is also easy to clean. If you remove the needle from the main part of the product you can rinse the wine system under the tap. Allow the water to flush through the system via the pouring spout. Once you have done this, you can put the needle back on and pull the handle for the gas so that you also spray the needle clean. After you have completed these steps, you can simply dry the wine system with a soft cloth. View the video below for additional explanation!

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