Bunzlau Castle Brand

Bunzlau Castle in a nutshell

Bunzlau Castle is part of Clip BV; a company that was founded in 1984 by Henk and Tet Bakker. Clip BV believes that everyone deserves a home. Through their Bunzlau Castle range, they try to create a feeling of home that makes everyone happy. The Bunzlau Castle collection is produced entirely by hand in Europe. The company does this in collaboration with partner Ceramika Artystyczna Bolesławiec in order to guarantee the highest quality. Thanks to the excellent cooperation between its partners and suppliers, Bunzlau Castle products are not only very attractive, they are also extremely strong and suitable for use in the dishwasher, microwave, and oven. In short: a wonderful brand that will not be out of place on any dining table!

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Bunzlau Castle workmanship

Bunzlau Castle: From clay to cup

Those who are familiar with the products of Bunzlau Castle know that each item from Bunzlau Castle is extremely strong. This is due to the fact that Bunzlau Castle products are all made by hand. Each ceramic shape from this brand goes through at least 15 pairs of hands before it has reached the end result.

The clay used for the crockery is first dried in special moulds. As soon as this clay has hardened, the moulds are removed and any uneven surfaces are made completely smooth. After this, the moulds are provided with the well-known blue Bunzlau Castle edge before they disappear into the kiln for baking. After baking, shapes and details are applied to the dishes by means of sponges and brushes. When the service is completely decorated, a special glaze layer is applied and the products are placed in the kiln again. This special method of production ensures that each piece of crockery comes out extra strong! For more information, have a look a the video here.

Bunzlau Castle products

Bunzlau Castle Textiles

Bunzlau Castle has released a beautiful collection of kitchen textiles that make washing up feel like less of a chore. The kitchen textile collection consists of kitchen towels, tea towels and pot holders in the well-known, classic Bunzlau Castle style.

Bunzlau Castle Dishes

From spacious oven trays to cheerful serving dishes, the collection of dishes from Bunzlau Castle is huge. Bunzlau Castle dishes can be nicely combined with the rest of the tableware, so you can create a beautifully set dining table in an instant.

Bunzlau Castle Mugs

Bunzlau Castle mugs come in a variety of models and patterns. This means that you can endlessly combine them with the rest of your crockery, and also ensures there is always a mug for every preference. Take a look at the collection and choose your favourites!

Bunzlau Castle Plates

Bunzlau Castle plates will not be out of place on any dining table. The timeless appearance in combination with the attractive design create a special feeling of warmth and cosiness in the home. These plates can be mixed and matched to your hearts desire.

A selection from our Bunzlau Castle collection: