Charcoal LotusGrill Beech 2.5 kg

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Charcoal LotusGrill Beech 2.5 kg + Burning Gel LotusGrill Odourless 200 ml
Charcoal LotusGrill Beech 2.5 kg
Burning Gel LotusGrill Odourless 200 ml
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Item description

This charcoal from the top brand LotusGrill is ideal for your charcoal barbecue. Because it is perfectly composed, the burning time is reached very quickly, which means that it does not require hours of preparation. The charcoal is 100% natural and burns faster than other types of charcoal. It also retains its heat longer, so that you can barbecue for a long time with minimal use. With one bag, you can use your barbecue up to 15 times.

About LotusGrill

LotusGrill has become very popular around the world for its trendy, colourful barbecues that are very easy to use. LotusGrill barbecues are also very safe, because the outer dish does not get hot. These barbecues work on batteries and have an extremely durable design. The barbecue is also 100% recyclable and therefore a great choice for every warm summer evening.


Beech wood
2.5 kg
Quickly reaches ideal temperature
Retains its heat longer
100% natural beech wood charcoal
Suitable for barbecuing around 15 times


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