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Zwiesel Glas

The story of Zwiesel Glas begins in 1872, in Zwiesel, Germany. It is now a major international market leader and glass specialist. Zwiesel Glas sees the making of the glasses itself rather as a truly refined art form. This art has been designed with tradition and innovation so that you will enjoy the best experiences when drinking from Zwiesel glasses. The characteristic sound when you clink the glasses together makes the picture complete. Zwiesel Glas only brings out the best flavours from your favourite wines and they ensure that the aromas can develop optimally. The aesthetic design is also pleasing to the eye. Hospitality is at its best with Zwiesel Glas!

Zwiesel Wine Glass

With a Zwiesel wine glass, you can be sure that every wine tastes delicious. Zwiesel Glas knows better than anyone that a wine is only as good as the glass it is served in. This top quality brand lets the red and white wines breathe optimally in Zwiesel wine glasses. They are perfectly shaped to meet the demands of different wine characters. The aromas and flavours are perfectly developed, as Zwiesel Glas has obtained their knowledge and expertise from years of experience and craftsmanship. In the Zwiesel Glas range, you will find wine glasses in both classic and timeless designs, as well as unique twists. They are glasses with modern designs and refined details, made of robust unique Tritan crystal glass that lasts for years.