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Founded in 2009 by Ken Zorovich and Yos Kumthampinij, ZOKU is a brand that prides itself on creating products that function as beautifully as they look. ZOKU began with a device for freezing popsicles, which quickly grew into a major success. Today, ZOKU continues to innovate, producing items that meet the needs of their customers. Every ZOKU product is meticulously crafted in line with Yos and Ken's original vision: the perfect balance between functionality and design. When you choose ZOKU, you're not just purchasing cookware, you're investing in a piece of art that is practical, stylish, and built to last. Explore the ZOKU range on Cookwarestore and discover the difference for yourself.

ZOKU Ice Maker

ZOKU is renowned for its innovative ice makers, enabling you to create delicious homemade ice creams in various shapes and sizes. These ice makers require no electricity, allowing you to make ice creams wherever you want. If you love ice cream, you should definitely try ZOKU's products. Visit Cookwarestore to find your favorite ZOKU ice maker today.