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At Zieher they really know how to surprise real wine lovers. These wine glasses and carafes are of a high quality. Not only do they look very appealing visually, the wine from these glasses also tastes excellent. The wine glasses are designed on the character of the wine. So it doesn't matter whether you drink red or white wine, it's all about the taste. The carafes are designed to get the most out of the wine. The oxygen integrates not only from the surface, but also from the inside as the surface is enlarged. As a result, the aroma develops softly and balanced, the breathing of the wine is reached more quickly. All this without losing the style so that the wine can also be beautifully presented. The innovative designs have been a sign of luxury for more than 30 years. It is not without reason that Zieher is very popular with top chefs, sommeliers and wine enthusiasts all over the world.

Zieher wine glass

Zieher wine glasses have innovative and visually appealing designs. These luxurious glasses are of the highest quality and popular with all wine enthusiasts. These glasses were designed by Silvio Nitzsche, an experienced sommelier. The glasses are developed on the character of the wines. The names also refer to that, such as Fresh, Intrense, Rich and more. For example, each glass has a wide opening or a slightly narrower opening to admit the right amount of oxygen. The flavors remain harmoniously structured and you will be able to taste all the aromas richly.