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Zenker is a German brand that is passionate about delicacies and food presentation. As a result, they develop and produce baking tins with which you can make beautiful and delicious treats. Zenker has specialised in making baking tins for over 130 years and combines traditional baking tins with modern techniques and innovative designs. This guarantees you a qualitative and safe baking tin with which you will experience a lot of baking enjoyment. Take a look at our wide range and choose your favourite Zenker baking tin!

Zenker UK

Zenker baking moulds are of excellent quality and contain high-quality coatings such as Teflon and diamond enamel coating. This makes the baking tins durable and you can experiment with baking without any problem. In our range here at Cookwarestore, you will find a wide range of Zenker baking moulds and baking tins in different shapes and sizes for different baking creations. This means you can always find the right baking tin from this top quality brand.