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Suncraft is a Japanese brand that knows like no other how to make the best traditional Japanese knives. Suncraft knives are razor sharp and easy to maintain. By carefully responding to the wishes and needs of users, Suncraft products are known for their high quality and meet all user requirements. In addition to knives, Suncraft also has other kitchen utensils in their range. In short: with the excellent knives and utensils from Suncraft, you can prepare the most delicious ingredients for your meals in no time.

Suncraft Knives

Suncraft has all kinds of different series of knives in its range. Here at Cookwarestore, you will find, for example, the popular Suncraft Senzo series. The Senzo series is the basic Suncraft series in which all blades are made of stainless steel. This series is not only known for its high quality, but also for its appearance. This series of knives is equipped with handles made of magnolia wood, which gives the knives a sleek appearance. With these knives, you will never have to work with a blunt knife again. In addition to the popular Suncraft Senzo series, we have also the well-known Senzo Wood and Senzo Classic series in our collection.