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Solis Coffeemachine

The coffee machines from Solis are a true decoration for the kitchen. With these machines you can make a delicious cup of hot and tasty coffee. Due to the fine design, Solis coffee machines fit well in every kitchen. This way you become your own barista and you can enjoy the best coffee there is. You can decide how strong you want the coffee and finish with creamy milk. Checkout these beautifully designed coffee machines from Solis here:

Solis espresso machine

Wake up to the smell of a fresh espresso. Get ready for the day and then sit down at the breakfast table and enjoy the perfect espresso. With the espresso machines from Solis, this becomes a daily habit. From now on, the best coffee comes from your kitchen. The high-quality espresso machines from this beautiful brand make delicious coffee, but also have beautiful designs. This machine is a true addition to your kitchen.

Solis Piston Machine

With a piston machine you can make the best coffee, just the way you want it. These semi-automatic espresso machines create the perfect espresso. You can fill the filter yourself with fresh or pre-ground coffee, so you can choose what you like best. In addition, the machines also have a beautiful appearance, a real addition to your countertop. With a piston machine you become your own barista and enjoy every homemade cup of coffee even more.

Solis Espresso Machine

There's nothing like a delicious cup of coffee. A good cup of coffee, espresso or cappuccino is of course made by a high-quality device. Solis machines stand for craftsmanship, precision and style and are therefore perfect for this task. The brand only uses high-quality materials, so that the machines last for years and radiate quality. View all Solis machines and treat yourself to a delicious cup of coffee.