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The Swiss company Solis has been loyal to their customers for more than 100 years with the best equipment for the kitchen and household. The brand sells various products such as coffee makers, kitchen mixers and fans. Over the years, Solis has grown a lot and is now available worldwide. The simple and efficient design makes cooking easy for everyone. You can put the tastiest dishes on the table with Solis products.

Solis toaster

Solis makes innovative products that are great for the kitchen. The toasters offer a lot of convenience in the morning while making a delicious avocado toast. The grids heat up quickly and have wide slots. In addition, the toaster has a long life due to the good materials and high quality. Every morning is a party with toasters from Solis.

Solis coffee machine

Looking for a high quality espresso machine? Then the Solis espresso machines are perfect for you. The machines are made with the best materials and will last a long time in the kitchen. The machines are very compact, making them a perfect fit for any kitchen. In combination with the best beans, you can make the best coffee with a Solis espresso machine