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Scanpan Wok

Scanpan WokScanpan woks are perfect for preparing quick one-pan dishes and classic stir-fries. Scanpan woks have a durable non-stick coating, thanks to which, you are assured of even heat distribution, and the beautiful designs make each Scanpan wok the ideal addition to your kitchen collection. Scanpan has produced woks for their different series of cookware, such as the Scanpan Classic series, the Scanpan CTX series, or the Scanpan IQ series. Find your ideal Scanpan wok here!

Scanpan Woks

All Scanpan woks are made using string materials that are sustainable, which ensures that you can enjoy cooking with a Scanpan wok for many years. Several Scanpan woks even come with a handy griddle or Japanese chopsticks. Some woks have Bakelite handles and are made from light materials, ensuring you can easily lift the wok. In short, the perfect addition to your pan collection!