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Scanpan Maitre D'

Scanpan Maitre D'The Maitre D' collection by Scanpan is made up of a collection of beautiful pots and pans that are made from polished stainless steel, many with a beautiful copper coating. A classic elegance is combined beautifully with a timeless design, resulting in a sustainable range of high-quality pans that makes up the Scanpan Maitre D' collection. The Scanpan Maitre D' collection will certainly make a stylish addition to any kitchen.

Maitre D' Scanpan

Scanpan Maitre D ' pots and pans are made to help you enjoy cooking as much as possible. Each item is created with special handles that do not get too hot while cooking, which means that you won't burn your hands. The inside of the pots and pans, however, is designed with a multi-layer construction, which ensures quick and even heat distribution. For the Maitre D' collection, Scanpan Only the very best materials are used for the Scanpan Maitre D' collection, so sustainable quality is guaranteed.