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Scanpan Classic

Scanpan ClassicScanpan's Classic collection of pots and pans consists of a range of minimalist and extremely durable, high-quality products. In this range you will find cookware, utensils, and, of course, beautiful pots and pans. The Scanpan Classic collection can be used on virtually all hobs, but performs particularly well on gas and ceramic stoves. Classic Steel pots and pans in this range can even be used on induction heaters! The Scanpan Classic collection is designed with a timeless look that ensures that your kitchen looks stunning and that you can enjoy cooking every day. This range of cookware is an absolute must-have for your kitchen!

Scanpan Classic Pots & Pans

Scanpan Classic pots and pans are made using recycled aluminium in combination with stainless steel. This combination is carefully chosen, as each metal brings its own advantages. Aluminium, for example, is lightweight ensures that each pot or pan is easy to manoeuvre. Scanpan Classic pots and pans have also been specially designed for quick and even heat distribution. The Scanpan Classic series is oven-resistant to a temperature of 260 °C and offers countless other convenient extra features. Exactly what you need to put a perfect meal on the table!