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Römertopf is a German brand that specialises in a so-called Römertopf. A Römertopf dates back to the time of the Romans and is also called a Roman stew. Römertopf's products are made of clay with a glazed ceramic, just like in Roman times. This allows you to heat the Römertopf and steam your food to perfection. This technique has been used for centuries and is a very good way to prepare your food in a healthy way. In our range, you will find various Römertopf products in different sizes and shapes, so take a look below!

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The Römertopf brick is a cooking stone in the shape of a brick with which you can prepare your food in a new way. With the 'brick', you can prepare all kinds of foods, such as meat, fish, vegetables, and even pieces of fruit in a healthy way. The 'brick' is made of a type of clay that is fireproof. This allows the cooking stone to be used in ovens, on grills and barbecues, and in microwaves. All you need to do is place the lid of the 'brick' in cold water for 15 minutes so that this water is absorbed, and later on while cooking provides the steam that steams your food. This way, all the tasty flavours and nutrients of your food are maximally preserved during the cooking process.