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For over a century, the Pyrex brand has been an expert in the kitchen. With its glass kitchen products, the brand is a major player in the cookware market. Pyrex uses borosilicate glass for its glass kitchenware. This type of glass is known for its sturdiness and the fact that it can take a beating. In addition, the borosilicate glass is resistant to extreme temperatures. For example, Pyrex oven dishes can withstand temperatures between -40°C and 300°C. These properties make the utensils suitable for both the freezer and the oven.

Pyrex Oven Dish

The oven dishes from the Pyrex brand, which is more than a century old, are a true concept in the world of oven dishes. The dishes are made of borosilicate glass, which makes them resistant to extreme temperatures. Where other types of glass break or become damaged, Pyrex glass remains unaffected at temperatures between -40°C and 300°C. Another advantage is that Pyrex oven dishes can also be put in the dishwasher. This saves a lot of time while washing up.

Pyrex Jug

In addition to the functionality of the Pyrex measuring jugs, they also have specific characteristics. For example, Pyrex jugs are made of borosilicate glass. Thanks to the use of glass, the measuring jugs are resistant to shocks and will not easily get scratched. Another advantage of a glass measuring cup is that no odours or flavours remain on the glass.