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Profboard is known for its innovative kitchen solutions. Chopping boards from Profboard are very hygienic and easy to clean. Because you only need a basic board and separate cutting plates, you also save a lot of space in your cupboard with a Profboard chopping board! The durable plastic cutting plates are easy to recognise by the colour scheme and have been specially developed to distribute cutting work over the various boards. This significantly reduces the risk of cross-contamination.

Profboard Chopping Board

Profboard is a top quality that offers the ideal chopping board for your kitchen collection, as it offers an innovative, save-spacing solution for all your chopping needs. Profboard cutting boards are known for their high hygiene, as the use of colour-coded cutting plates helps to decrease cross-contamination to a minimum. The boards are also very easy to clean. Profboard chopping boards are made using a durable plastic that will last for a very long time, ensuring years of use.