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Pip Studio Mug

Pip Studio mug

Whether you want to make a cup of tea, a big cup of coffee, or a warming hot chocolate, then why not serve it in one of the beautiful mugs in the Pip Studio collection! Pip Studio is a top quality brand that creates stunning crockery and tableware in bright and beautiful designs. Pip Studio makes use of bright colours and stylish floral patterns that will instantly brighten up your day. Pip Studio mugs are available in various different designs, so you can opt for matching mugs or mix and match from the different beautiful collections. View the full Pip Studio mug range below.

Mug Pip Studio

Pip Studio crockery is popular throughout Europe for its unique designs. A mug, plate, or bowl from Pip Studio will instantly stand out on your dining table or coffee table and will certainly brighten up the room. Mugs from the Pip Studio collection are perfect for serving all your favourite teas, coffees, and other warm beverages and are perfect to use if you are expecting company thanks to their beautiful appearance. Pip Studio mugs are strong, long-lasting, and beautiful.