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OXO Peelers

OXO Peeler

OXO offers you wide choice of different peelers and knives so that you can always find exactly what you need. These products are designed with accuracy and precision, making them easy to use and ensuring the best results. Making delicious dishes becomes a lot easier with the innovative OXO peeler and knife collection. With the professional products available from OXO, you can guarantee that every cutting or peeling task can be easily performed.

OXO Knives

Thanks to the OXO brand, you have a wide choice of different chopping and peeling tools. The apple corers from OXO are quick and easy to use. The cutters, such as the knifes, mandolines, and speciality cutters, offer you the option to chop your ingredients in the perfect size. Furthermore, with OXO you can choose from all sorts of different cutting and peeling items, such as pizza cutters, knives and graters. Chop or peel your ingredients more quickly and easily with the handy kitchenware from the top brand OXO.