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With the pizza ovens from OHP you can bake the tastiest pizzas at home! Whether you want a small oven for your family or a large oven to bake for all your guests, OHP has you covered. You will find a wide variety of models here, even portable ovens for an afternoon picnic. You can also find useful accessories here. At OHP they have turned their passion into their profession, so they certainly pay attention to all details in order to be able to offer you only the best quality.

OHP Ventura

The OHP Ventura ovens are available for every occasion. These wood ovens ensure that your pizza is perfectly prepared. They come with a built-in thermometer and are single, double or quadruple insulated. Thanks to the large door of the brick oven, there is more space for pizzas inside. The wood or pellets are fired directly in the baking space, so that the ideal temperature is quickly reached and you can enjoy your homemade pizza even faster. Depending on the model, you can bake one to four pizzas at a time. Enjoy the tastiest pizza in your own backyard.