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Now Designs was founded in 1967 after Danica Imports began importing elegant European kitchenware. They started designing beautiful linen and textiles for the kitchen. The company has since grown into a large quality brand with a wide and diverse range. Now Designs products are creative and of very high quality. The goal of this top quality brand is to become "the company you keep". Now Designs wants to achieve this by providing consumers with products, designs, and service with integrity. The products they supply feature elegance, style, and the best quality. Now Designs products therefore have an exclusive appearance with a refined design that will always come in handy in the kitchen.

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In the Now Designs assortment, you will find different types of textiles for the kitchen. You can choose from various beautiful aprons, oven gloves, and pot holders. Each of these products has a very high quality and a beautiful design. The kitchen textiles from Now Designs have a cheerful appearance thanks to various trendy colours and patterns. You can choose from somewhat quieter designs to busier, brighter designs. In addition to the cheerful appearance, Now Designs ensures that each product also has an exclusive look. If you are looking for functional products to brighten up your kitchen, Now Designs is the brand for you!