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The American cookware brand Lodge has been active since 1896 in the manufacturing of beautiful cast iron pans, which makes it the oldest foundry in all of America. Lodge has included various types of pans and baking trays in its collection, all of which feature a cool design. The pans of Lodge are suitable for any heat source and can even be placed in the oven. In short, the ideal all-round cast iron pans! View our collection of Lodge cast iron pans below.

Lodge Cast Iron

Lodge cast iron pans are made of indestructibly strong metal and can therefore take a beating. Lodge pans can of course be used at home, but they are also very suitable for use on a campfire or barbecue. Ideal for true outdoor cooking enthusiasts! In addition to cast iron pans, you can also rely on Lodge for handy matching accessories, such as trays, coasters, and safety equipment. This way you can complete your entire cookware collection!