Liquido d'Oro

Liquido d'Oro olive oil is not named 'The Liquid Gold' for nothing, because it is made with so much love and passion that no other name is appropriate. This olive oil comes from various olive groves from all over Italy, where it is picked, processed, and bottled with great knowledge, pleasure, and respect for Mother Nature. The farmers are all (certified) organic and work in a natural and traditional way, without pesticides. Extra flavour is drawn into the olives and the nutrients are also retained for an extra long time after bottling, thanks to the UV-resistant bottle.

Liquido d'Oro Olive Oil

The olives are picked with so much love and passion and processed into oil, you can't help but taste it. The olives and the trees are cared for with great knowledge, all at the pace of nature. For the perfect olive oil, different olive varieties are also blended, so that oxidation is prevented and the rich taste is preserved for longer. Use the oil while cooking, for pouring over different dishes, or dip your sandwich in it. It will taste incredible!