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KitchenGrips was founded in 1985 and, since then, has been designing top quality, innovative products for the kitchen. The brand creates smart oven gloves and pan handles that offer optimum protection when handling hot pans and dishes. This forward-thinking brand is constantly innovating to create the best quality products for their customers, so you can assure that every KitchenGrips oven glove or KitchenGrips pot holder will ensure safety and ease of use with every meal you cook. Take a look at the complete range below.

KitchenGrips Pan Handle

KitchenGrips pan handles are like never seen before. Thanks to the special FLXaPrene material, these handy kitchen aids are of the highest quality. FLXaPrene ensures that the holders ar: water-repellent, have better grip, are dishwasher safe, are flexible, are stain-resistant, and you can easily pick up small things with them. This is not all, because the holders are antibacterial and protect your hands from temperatures between 260 and -92 degrees Celsius. Everything you need in the kitchen in one simple product from KitchenGrips!