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Janny van der Heijden is well known in the Netherlands as a judge on the famous Dutch TV programme 'Heel Holland Bakt', the Netherland's take on the Great British Bake Off. In addition to this, however, she is also the owner of a special brand of crockery and tableware. Under her own name, Janny van der Heijden, she produces tableware with an Old Dutch touch. As a culinary columnist, Janny is of course a real foodie, but the layout of the plate is also very important. With the tableware from Janny you do not have to worry about your dining table looking beautiful - it's guaranteed!

Janny van der Heijden Tableware

Alongside being a columnist, Janny van der Heijden is also an enthusiastic tableware collector. Under her own name, she has released her first collection of tableware. The name of the series already gives a bit of the idea behind the service; Sharing Moments. With the service, Janny wants to ensure that you share beautiful and tasty moments with each other and enjoy them. This should not be a problem with this beautiful tableware!