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iSi stands for inspiration. This brand has been around for more than 50 years and wants to inspire new culinary trends. iSi combines functionality with design and innovation, resulting in an excellent collection of cooking and baking products. Beautiful iSi products for the kitchen can be found right here at Cookwarestore. Beautiful whipped cream siphons and whippers and various other handy baking accessories. With products from iSi, you can create fantastically beautiful desserts, drinks, and much more. Ideal for professional and beginner chefs alike!

iSi Whipper

Whipped cream whippers and soda siphons are products from the wide range of iSi. The combination of design, functionality, and innovation is the what makes iSi products special. iSi products make it a lot more fun in the kitchen and offer a number of handy tips and tricks while baking or preparing drinks. With the soda siphon, for example, you can easily create carbonated water, the whipped cream nozzles will help you to create culinary masterpieces, and the decoration accessories allow you to make the more beautiful baked goods. Get inspired in the kitchen with iSi.