Guardini has products that are easy to use, light in weight, and excellent in heat dispersion. This way you can be sure that your dishes are always excellent. Enjoy baking, at Guardini you have come to the right place. These high quality products are available for all types of dishes, pies, cakes, desserts and more. With 70 years of experience, Guardini knows exactly how to make the perfect bakeware so all you have to do is enjoy the moment.

Guardini baking tin

With the Guardini baking pan you always bake the tastiest treats. With 70 years of experience, Guardini knows how to make the best bakeware. They are lightweight and have the perfect thickness to disperse the heat well so there is only a small barrier between the ingredients and the heat. In addition, they are made of Hi-Top steel. These high-quality non-stick baking pans come from Italy and are slowly conquering the baking world