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G.A.T. is an excellent brand for coffee makers that work in the classic, Italian way. G.A.T. products provide a delicious traditional coffee with an authentic taste. The G.A.T. coffee makers are therefore an ideal purchase for all coffee lovers. Making coffee the old-fashioned way may require a little more effort, but it is certainly worth it. G.A.T. has different models from different series, so you will always find the perfect model for you. View the range below to find your favourite.

G.A.T. Cafetière

Making coffee the old-fashioned way requires a little more effort, but it is certainly worth it. This provides the real traditional coffee taste from Italy. The products of G.A.T. make it possible to drink your coffee in the traditional way. You make the coffee by pouring water into the bottom reservoir. Then you only have to put the coffee in the container and put the percolator on the heat. The water then boils and evaporates, which ultimately leaves delicious pure coffee. In the range here at Cookwarestore, you will find different models from G.A.T., so you can choose from either traditional or more modern models.