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Gastro is a brand that was founded by the chef Ron Blaauw, who is known for his popular Ron Gastro Bars that earned him his Michelin stars. This collection is therefore inspired by Ron's love of cooking. Each item in the Gastro collection is designed by Ron Blaauw in collaboration with Mieke Cuppen. Each item in the Gastro range is made from 100% natural materials, raw colour combinations, striking shapes, and a beautiful appearance. With Gastro items on your dining table, you will impress your guests and can serve all your delicious meals in Michelin star quality style!

Gastro By Ron Blaauw

Gastro has become a very popular brand among chefs around the world and includes unique, stylish crockery for your dining table. Each plate, bowl, and dish is made using top quality, natural materials and has a unique appearance, ensuring that you will wow your guests, no matter what you're dishing up! The use of natural materials ensures that the ceramic looks even more beautiful and also makes the dishes suitable for the dishwasher. Take a look and create the perfect crockery collection for your home with the Gastro by Ron Blaauw range.