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Eva Solo Thermal Jug

With a thermal jug, you can keep your coffee or tea warm. The vacuum jugs from the Eva Solo brand are offered in different designs, shapes, and colours. Are you a fan of the classic tall thermal flask? or do you prefer a jug with round shapes? No matter what you prefer, Eva Solo has the thermal jug or flask you're looking for! In addition to the functional aspects, an Eva Solo vacuum jug also enriches your kitchen due to their stylish appearances.

Eva Solo Vacuum Jug

Thermal jugs from Eva Solo keep your coffee, tea, or other drinks at the right temperature. A drink can be kept cold or warm. The vacuum jugs have a handy and stylish design that will get you ready for any picnic, or that are perfect when you have guests over. Furthermore, the Eva Solo vacuum jugs are made of plastic or stainless steel and are available in different colours, so there is the right thermal jug for everyone. Which one will you choose?