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Eva Solo was founded more than 100 years ago. The company was established to develop very high-quality functional kitchen appliances. When the open kitchen became all the rage in 1970, the company also started to focus on trendy designs so that the kitchen equipment could be left on the counter and add to the aesthetics instead of detracting. Today, Eva Solo is known for their beautiful, modern collection of cookware and kitchen products.

Eva Solo UK

The first product that Eva Solo put on the market was a flour sieve, which also functioned as a juicer. The product turned out to be a huge success, and so Eva Solo expanded and became a major player in the cookware market. The name Eva Solo was chosen in 1997 and has since become synonymous with beauty and quality. The core values of the brand are simplicity, clear lines, and functionality, which resulted in the beautiful collection you can see here at Cookwarestore.