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Chicago Metallic is a brand that develops the finest products for baking. The collection consists of classic baking tins, but also innovative roasting trays, baking trays and other cake tins. With cookware from, Chicago Metallic, baking has never been so much fun! The cake forms are provided with strong, high-quality carbon steel. Thanks to a solid non-stick coating, you can also put your baking trays in the oven without worrying that the contents will stick. Thanks to this layer, your baked treats can be removed without difficulty. This also ensures that you can bake and roast healthier, because you need less butter to grease the tin.

Chicago Metallic Baking Tins

Chicago Metallic baking tins consist of spring forms, bread tins, and cake tins in different shapes. These tins make baking a lot easier and you can put a delicious culinary creation on the table in no time. Baking tins from Chicago Metallic are made of durable carbon steel and you can perfectly take your baked goods out of the tin, because they all have a very good non-stick coating. The carbon steel ensures good heat conduction so that your baking will be equally cooked from all sides. The baking tins are extremely sturdy and will not rust or flake. This ensures that you can enjoy Chiago Metallic bakeware for a very long time.