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The Italian brand Casa Bugatti, or Bugatti for short, is a brand that has focused on high-quality kitchen appliances for more than 90 years. Bugatti products are full of innovation and are noticeable due to their original and unique style. Bugatti has managed to create a beautiful line of kitchen products through technological feats, perfect designs and good materials. A Bugatti kitchen scale or citrus press, you not only upgrade your kitchen in terms of style, but also in terms of technology!

Casa Bugatti Scales

Casa Bugatti has produced a beautiful collection of kitchen scales in bright colours that will stand out in any kitchen. Casa Bugatti's style can be described as playful, modern, and unique, an this certainly applies to their collection of kitchen scales. These scales are perfect for baking, so whether you're whipping up a delicious cake or preparing a pie for Sunday lunch, make sure you have a great set of Casa Bugatti scales to hand!