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Here at Cookwarestore you will find a luxury collection of Butler chopping boards and Butler chopping blocks. These products are ideal to use for everyday chopping and can also be used perfectly when serving snacks. Butler's products are characterised by a robust appearance and are therefore extremely suitable for use in any kitchen.


Butler's products are made from beautiful, natural materials, such as beech wood and reed. This not only ensures high quality, but also a luxurious design. Butler attaches great importance to sustainability, so the materials used are therefore selected and processed with great care. This way you can be sure that you can enjoy quality.

Chopping Board Maintenance

Butler makes their chopping boards from natural products, such as sturdy beech wood. These materials provide a luxurious appearance and will last for many years, provided they are treated with the right care. Wood is a natural material that is constantly in motion, which means that this material expands or contracts when it comes into contact with moisture or different temperatures. This reaction can cause the material to warp or crack if not properly cared for. However, by following the tips below you will avoid these problems and you can use your beautiful Butler cutting board for years to come.

Before the first use

Rub the board well on all sides with maintenance oil before use. Now let the board dry for a few hours until the oil has been absorbed. Repeat this until the oil is no longer absorbed. The board is now saturated and can be used. Cracks or warping will thus be prevented.

We recommend using Butler maintenance oil. If you do not have this at home, you can also opt for an odourless and tasteless oil such as peanut oil or grape seed oil. Olive oil or sunflower oil are not suitable.

After use

You can clean the board after use with warm water and a sponge, damp cloth, or washing-up brush. After, make sure you dry the board well.

- Do not store or dry the board near a heat source (stove, heater, sun) to prevent it from drying out.
- Do not put the board in water for too long. This is absorbed and causes the material to expand.
- Do not clean the board in the dishwasher.
- We recommend not to cut raw meat or fish on the board. This can penetrate the material.

Thorough cleaning

It is also possible to thoroughly clean the board. Use some lemon juice, sea salt, and a clean, damp dishcloth for this. Squeeze the lemon juice over the board and spread the juice well. Then sprinkle half a tablespoon of sea salt over the board and rub it into the material with the clean cloth. Wait 30 minutes and then rinse the board well. The board will then be clean again.

Because this process removes oil from the material, you can now oil the plank again until the material is saturated, as described in the first step.

Extra Tips

Maintaining every now and then

After repeated use and washing, the oil applied to the board is slowly extracted from the material. This can cause dry patches and eventually warp. Does the material feel dry? Then repeat the first step, applying oil on all sides. Do this on a regular basis, depending on how often you use the board. That way the board will remain in top condition and can be used for years.

Cracks in the wood?

Are there still small cracks or is the material warped? Then the board has probably absorbed too little oil. By repeating the first step and then putting the board away for 24 hours (in a dry place, not close to a heat source), the board can recover its form.

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