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All Blomus Products

all Blomus products

The German company Blomus has a rich history under the name SKS-Design and has been around since 1921. Since 2009, the name has been changed to Blomus. Blomus stands for beautiful and practical products that are at the same time elegant, timeless, and unique. Each and very item is created with design and user-friendliness in mind and is made exclusively from high-quality materials. This has resulted in a wonderful line of products for your home and kitchen.

Blomus UK

Blomus has been on the market since 1921, although until recently under the name SKS-Design. The brand is innovative and supplies products that add style to every household. Blomus therefore considers design to be very important. We here at Cookwarestore provide a very wide range of Blomus kitchen products, including fruit baskets, coasters, cutlery, smart storage, and water jugs. In short: everything you need to make your kitchen complete!