The German brand Wesco originally started as a small family business, but in very little time, it grew into a major player in the field of kitchen accessories. The retro look of Wesco's products can be found in a number of kitchens worldwide and, thanks to our extensive range, can soon be reflected in your kitchen. View our entire Wesco range here.

Wesco Bins

Wesco owes much of its popularity to its iconic collection of kitchen bins. Wesco bins are all provided with a cool retro design and therefore look good in any style of kitchen. Moreover, Wesco bins are available in a wide variety of colours, sizes, and designs, which means that there is a suitable model for almost every kitchen. Choosing Wesco is choosing smart design.

Wesco Bread Bins

Wesco bread bins not only keep your bread fresh for longer, but also look particularly beautiful in your kitchen. Wesco bread bins are available in trendy colours and are therefore an eye-catcher on your counter. Moreover, the bread drums are made using sturdy steel so that they last for an even longer time. Any bread bin from Wesco will make a great addition to your kitchen.

Wesco Containers

Wesco storage containers are very popular due to their cheerful colours and the retro design. Wesco storage canisters are made with sturdy stainless steel and can be hermetically sealed thanks to a rubber inner tube. The Wesco containers are also available in various sizes and colours, so you are guaranteed to find the perfect model for your needs.

Wesco Scales

Kitchen scales from Wesco have two functions. Firstly, they can be used as a kitchen scale, however they can also be used as a kitchen clock. A real must-have for your kitchen! Just like the rest of the collection, Wesco scales feature an iconic, retro design and are made using sturdy stainless steel, which is strong and retains its quality over time.

Wesco Kettle

Nothing gives as much atmosphere to your kitchen as a beautiful old-fashioned kettle. Whistling kettles ensure cosiness and at the same time will always catch your guests eyes. That is why Wesco has designed a beautiful collection of whistling kettles that complete the look of your kitchen. Curious about Wesco kettles? Then take a look at our collection.