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RTA Global Wineracks is an English company that, as the brand name suggests, has specialised in making wine racks. The big advantage of a wine rack is that the bottles of wine are lying down. As a result, the wine does not oxidise and therefore the wine has an even longer shelf life. The stylish and practical wine racks from RTA Wineracks are of excellent quality and are made of robust steel and beautiful wood. The range includes wine racks of different shapes and colours so that there is always the perfect wine rack to suit your taste! View the full range below.

RTA Wine Racks

A wine rack is not only functional, but also perfect for decoration. Decorate your home with a showstopping wine rack from RTA. The wine racks from RTA are of high quality and made of steel and / or wood. This gives them a nice look, ensuring that you can keep it anywhere in your home, and keeps your wine bottles in place for longer. Due to our large selection, RTA wine racks are available in different designs and colours, so there is always a wine rack that fits the style of your home and the right amount of wine bottles.